Alternative audio narration

I am creating video manuals with voice narration (divided into many audioclips, per each slide). When I need an alternative voice, I simply import group of clips and replace audio slide by slide (respecting slide object timing).
I would appreciate leaving the original voice in timeline, muted only. But using Volume >>> Mute creates new item in audio resouces (muted copy). Why copy?
Better solution should be muting audio by Hide feature on layer where audio is located.

Hi Tomas,

Could you please explain why you need to keep the original voice which is muted in the timeline?



one example is to keep “two versions” - male and female voice - in one .approj. There can be many changes in the future and before each export I can simply switch between voices.
Or another example: When keeping both voice versions in each slide, I can quickly change variants (even slides - man, odd slides woman etc.)
Typically we record the same narration byl man and woman (or more narrators), place all of them to the slides timeline, then combine voices in “artificial dialogue” (one narrator asks, another replies). We discuss it together and quickly arrangle “who says what”.

Thank you for your detailed explanation. We appreciate it and acknowledge this issue.

At the current time, it seems that the way you mentioned above is the only solution for this.
For your information, you copy an audio object on the slide, change the audio resource of that copied object in the Properties pane, and then mute the old one.
When you mute an audio object, “Mute creates a new item in audio resources (muted copy). Why copy?” => ActivePresenter creates a logical resource referring to the original audio but not copy. The logical resource will be processed when exporting only.

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OK, thank you for explanation. However, my “switching” across multiple “audio versions” is not ideal now, because when I import two versions into resources, I have double count of them, then I “switch by mute” from audio 1 to 2, so generated further group of “logical resource”, then switch back and generate fourth group :slight_smile: So orientation across all these multiplicated resources becomes “quite frustrating” :wink:
For that reason, now is better for me to keep only one audio layer in slide timeline and switch version acrosss project one by one, changing its resource.
Maybe some “audio resource groups” should by absolutelly ideal…
However, now this is not “fatal” issue for me, and I appreciate your effort.


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