Alphebetize files list for those already in a project

When the dialog box opens when adding an image/audio that is already a part of the project, would it be possible to add:

-keep the last view mode as a default. I’m constantly having to switch to list view because it always defaults to icon view.

-And more importantly, a way to sort the list by column in ascending and descending order. The heading tabs are already there (Name, dimension, format, etc). It’s frustrating that every time I want to find a file that’s already a part of the project, I have to remember at what point I first used it and scroll to that area. It adds exponential time when trying to reuse project images/audios. At the very least, it could be sped up by allowing the user to type the first letter of the file name so the dialog goes to the item.


Thank you for your requests.
For your information, these features are already on our TODO list.
But we don’t have an exact date to implement them since many other priority tasks need to be completed.

Best regards,