Advanced actions in Templates

It seems as if advanced action do not survive if I add an object that runs this action to a template. JS does survive that process.

Is that correct? Is there a workaround? Or do I have to use JS?

Thanks, Rolf

Hi Rolf,

Please refer to our previous conversation as we did mention this topic there:

We do not support the feature you mentioned.
You have to use JS, then save it as a custom template, and reuse the template if you want to reuse that JS.
Again, reusing advanced action in multiple projects is not possible, Rolf.


Thank you!
I am sorry I forgot about this post!
Best, Rolf

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Iā€™m glad that you are clarified this time.
Feel free to ask questions more if you have any other concerns.

Have a nice week ahead!
Quynh Anh

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