Adjust system variable "apTakenSlides"

Hi guys,
I want to adjust the system variable “apTakenSlides”.
I have a project with the onLoad event “Show Feedback Layer” which is triggering if the user is restarting the course and the variable “apSessionIncomplete” = True.
The issues is that i am using on almost every slide some actions with the condition “if apTakenSlides is greater than/equal to/… apCurrentSlideIndex” and the Review slide is counting as taken slide. Therefore the number of takenSlides is increasing +1.
I tried to adjust apTakenSlides via an advanced action and also via JavaScript (prez.variable(‘apTakenSlides’, n)) but it did not work.
Please can you support me with this issue?
Thanks in advance.
Best regards

ActivePresenter version:

Hi Sven,

For your information, apTakenSlides is a readonly variable that tracks the number of slides users have viewed in the project. It remains fixed and does not include the resume feedback layer asking users to resume the course at the beginning. Consequently, regardless of whether users take the course for the first time or multiple times, the number of takenSlides will not increase by +1.
If that’s not the case, kindly send your project and its external data folder named in the form PROJECT_FILE_files (if any) to so we can further check it and better assist you.

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Hi Hang,
thanks for your reply.
Firstly… thanks for the information that apTakenSlides is read only, this was in first instance the information i needed.
Secondly I investigated my issue a liitle bit deeper and coming to the following behaviour:
As you can see in the attached test project I am using apTakenSlides on every slide with the show/hide object…
When you navigate to slide 2, close the presentation and restart it afterwards, the resume feedback layer pops up as expected.
On the feedback layer you can see two buttons, one without any state and further actions and a second one with a hover state and rollover/rollout actions. As soon as you hover over the second button, it doesnt matter which button you use to continue the presentation… apTakenSlides is increasing +1.
For my project i am fine, workaround is to work with the buttons object instead of a shape with custom actions and states. But I just wanted to let you know my outcome from this investigation… maybe it can help some other users with a similar issue.
Thanks for your support.
Best regards
Test (210.3 KB)

Thank you, Sven for your information.

Looking into the HTML5 output package is helpful, but it won’t give us the complete picture needed to investigate the issue. We would greatly appreciate it if you could share your project (.approj) with us.


Oh sorry, sure, that makes sense :slight_smile:
Test_apTakenSlides.approj (556 KB)

Thank you for your project and for reporting the issue.

Upon investigation, we have identified that it is indeed a bug, and rest assured, it will be fixed in the upcoming update. We will keep you informed as soon as the fix is implemented.

We are sorry for any inconvinience this may have caused. If you have any further questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Thank you for your understanding.

Have a great day!

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Hi @Sven,

We have released an update that fixes the issue with the apTakenSlides variable.
Please update ActivePresenter to the latest version to experience it.