Adjust speed based on Timeline Size


I am creating videos and they aren’t quite exactly aligned with my audio/captioning. I can click the video objects in the timeline and stretch them or shrink them - but it doesn’t do what I’d like…

I would like Active Presenter to automatically adjust the Playback Speed to match the time I specify with my adjustments to the timeline objects.

As an example, if I have a video that is 7 seconds long, but my narration takes 8 1/2 seconds, I’d like to be able to stretch the video object on the timeline to the 8 1/2 second mark and have the Playback Speed automatically adjusted to match (instead, ActivePresenter seems to “Insert Time”; if I wanted to Insert Time, I would just do that). In this case, the video would play a little bit slower than the normal playback speed.

Similarly, I might have a 10 second video that goes with a 9 second audio… If I click and drag the video to match the audio, I’d like the playback speed adjusted to match (instead, ActivePresenter crops the video; if I wanted the video cropped, I would just crop it). In this case, the video would play back a bit faster than the normal playback speed.

This would be massively more user friendly than trying to adjust my video by percentages, like it works now (107%, or is is 108%? Nope… Maybe it’s 106%)



Thanks for your suggestion. We will consider improving this feature in the future.