Additional TTS Voices

Hi there, If we purchase the “Standard Edition” does this include any other voices?

We are currently testing the free version which has given two voices to chose from… even though we have 5 installed… view able in the windows text-to-speech…

If no other voices are available - is there a way to load the other ones in active presenter?



The current version of ActivePresenter only supports SAPI 5- compatible voices. Some voices on Windows use a different technology so ActivePresenter can not detect them. We will address this issue in the next update.


We have the Pro edition of AP7 and have a choice of 2 TTS Voices, only one of which is UK English.

Are there more voices planned / available. Alternatively, can 3rd party SAPI 5 voices be used and if so, where do these have to be installed?

Hi Rob,

ActivePresenter doesn’t provide TTS Voices. You just need to install SAPI 5 voices on your system and ActivePresenter will detect them automatically.