Adding languages in subtitles

Is it possible to import more than one srt file for subtitles?
I saw that it’s possible to add languages, but it’s necessary to change one line at a time and it’s very annoying.
The best solution would be to import many srt files and exporting hard subtitles depending on hided ad showed subtitles.
Are you planning to improve this section?

Thank you



It is not possible to import more than one .srt file for subtitles in the current version of ActivePresenter.
While this feature is on our TODO list, its implementation may require additional time.
Hope that it will be available in future major updates.

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ad ơi giúp mình với :frowning:

Bộ phận hỗ trợ đã nhận được email của bạn.
Chúng tôi sẽ liên hệ và giải đáp vấn đề của bạn theo email bạn đã liên hệ.

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We would also be interested in such a possibility and support Stefano’s enquiry.

Gladly with the corresponding audio file :speaking_head: :headphones:

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Hi Stefano,

A possible alternative to meet your immediate needs would be to create an html page that uses an external video player that supports multiple language subtitles. Then you can embed this player into your ActivePresenter project as an external web object. If you style everything consistently, then your users should not even be able to tell that the video is an external page.

One such free video player is AblePlayer. Please see this demo to see how the player handles multiple caption files (Video with captions, subtitles, chapters, and a transcript | Able Player Demos).


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Thank you.
This is a clever idea.