Adding caption to the video

After doing a screen recording, how can I add caption to the recorded video? Is .srt file supported?


Please take a look at this article:

Whenever need help, you can always google for like “ActivePresenter add captions”, “ActivePresenter do something”


Thanks for the prompt response.

Does the caption only support English? I have tried entering some Chinese characters and they won’t show.

It has Unicode support so it should have no problem displaying Chinese.
What do you mean by “they won’t show”? Where doesn’t it show? Perhaps a screenshot would be helpful.

After typing the Chinese characters, when I click out of the caption text box, all the characters will be displayed as “_” as shown below.


Hi RichardC,

Did you use the MAC version of ActivePresenter? If so, we confirm it is a bug in the current version for MAC (6.1.3). We will fix the issue in the next update.


Yes, I am indeed using the MAC version.

I am really impressed by your level of support. Looking forward to the next software update and good luck to you all!

I also found my language Burmese - using Unicode font that is compliant to Unicode standards ver 5.1 since ( now ver 10 ) - has some characters appear sequencing wrong ! Picture attached - using Active Presenter ver 6.1.0 released 2017- 4 - 11

It seems picture uploaded not show up. Uploaded to 3rd party site.

Hi RichardC,

Please check out ActivePresenter for macOS 7.0 which also addresses this issue.