ActivePresenter SCORM and Docebo resume issue

Dear all,

I have numerous SCORM package set up on Docebo but they do not resume properly.
When you click the Docebo “resume where you left” button it now systematically restart from the initial slide. Historically we do recall some SCORM items resuming fine.

After investigation, Docebo is now stating the issue is on the authoring/SCORM side:

"After investigating the SCORM package in the course: Staff Support Test - as well as reviewing back over the prior task Ryan created earlier with comments from the development team, the conclusion from the task were found the SCORM package itself were missing elements to allow the “Resume where you left off” button to execute.

The development team analyzed and tested the SCORM packages provided in this course and found the package does not call “LMSCommit” and “LMSFinish” codes within the package that triggers the platform to save to the value “cmi.core.entry”. This value is used to save the point of the user in the SCORM package and allow the “Resume where you left off” button with the correct behavior.

The issue Jordan has reported on earlier was in conjuncture to another concern within other platforms that coincidentally were reported at the same time. However, after the development further evaluated this specific concern, the issue lies within the SCORM package itself and separate from the prior concern with other platforms.*

I would suggest reaching out to your authoring tool technical support for these SCORM packages to further confirm the packages triggering the correct codes mentioned above in order for the platform to properly save the information and use the “Resume where you left off” button correctly."

we also received this in an earlier message

" I will be assisting Ryan in addressing this support request. I have some information for your content team to review. I conducted testing on the SCORM content in the “Allyn: Network & Computer Maintenance” and “Allyn: Integrity” courses. I found that the cmi.suspend_data data is recorded for a given user’s attempt. This data serves as the placeholder, or bookmark, for a user’s last location in the content. However, the cmi.core.entry ​mode remains set to "ab-initio" ​ (“from the beginning”) even after a user has made progress in the content. This mode instructs the SCORM player to initiate the content at the beginning, rather than where the user last left off in the content as specified by the cmi.suspend_data data. If the the cmi.core.entry ​mode is set to "resume" ​ when the user makes some progress in the content, this should enable to user to resume the content where the user last left off in the content as specified by the cmi.suspend_data data."

followed by this:
“Thank you for your reply. In reviewing items currently under investigation by our senior support resources, I found a report of a similar issue with the resume functionality for SCORM objects. I observed, in that case, the same thing I did here, where the “cmi.core.entry” mode is not set to “resume”. Since these two reports were submitted around the same time, I am thinking that there is something we need to investigate on our end. We will be able to provide some additional information around this issue on Thursday. Thank you for your cooperation and patience.”

But now they are back to the first message stating the issue is on the authoring side.

If you want to speak directly to Docebo helpdesk, I believe our ticket number is 94169.

Do you have any information on this?
I believe you have access to a Docebo trial environment - could you test the resume functionality there? Using any SCORM you may have (and if it works I can send you one of mine which does not).

Best regards,

Hi Michael,

Can you please tell which version of SCORM that you used for your content (1.2 or 2004rd)? Please note that the SCORM 1.2 has a limitation in the length of suspend data (information for resuming course) so it may not work for content which has many interactions and slides.


I’m using 1.2. Currently, it is not working even for a simple 4 slides presentation just with a simple continue button at the end of each slide.
I will and export and item to 2004 and see.
For the moment Docebo has put our ticket on hold until:
“I would be happy to further investigate this issue once the authoring tool provider has confirmed the calls are set correctly in the SCORM package.”
Have you been able to test on your side? does the resume function work for you?

Hi again,
I created a simple presentation ResumeTest.approj (376 KB) , uploaded here, I exported it to SCORM 1.2 and 2004 and none of them resumed correctly on Docebo LMS.
Let me know,

We have made some tests and have same results as yours. However, there is no problem when testing with from Rustici Software or Moodle. You can test your package on the and see how statements in SCORM package are called in very details. I think Docebo’s author can aslo check with that. The main point is “cmi.exit” is set to suspend when opening course and the LMS should not return ab-initio when resuming the course. I am wondering why Docebo’s author can not track the statements of SCORM package like SCORM Clould does?


I will send this information back to Docebo and also suggest they contact you directly if they want as I’m out of my depth technically.
Do you have a direct email they could use?
Thanks for looking into this.

Please email to


FYI - Docebo is investigating further the issue on their side.
I will let you know the outcome.

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Hi Michael,

Thanks for letting us know.


I receive the below from Docebo support team:

"Thank you for your patience and understanding while our senior resources reviewed over this SCORM package.

After discussing and multiple testing environments, we have confirmed the SCORM package is not calling LMSCommit and LMSFinish, and therefore not transferring the information to allow the learner to pick up were they left off in the package. Here is a video to confirm if we manually force the LMSCommit("") call in browser’s console, we are asked to resume by the SCORM content. (see video).


You are welcome to download this video to provide this information to Atomi for corrections to the calls in the SCORM package for further assistance."

I’m unclear how to proceed now as Docebo is clearly indicating they believe the issue is not on their side but on the package produced by Active Presenter.

Can you please look into this?
Thanks and regards,


Hi Michael,

Please rest assured that we will try to identify the cause of problem as much as possible. You can also email to us at and add Docebo support team in the mail loop so we can discuss with them.

There are two things not clear in their explanation:

  • LMSFinish should only be called when learner exiting the course. Therefore, ActivePresenter only calls it when learner closes the lesson. How Docebo handles the case if failure of computer power supply? In that case, no SCORM package can call LMSFinish. We think that storing suspend data and calling LMSCommit are enough.
  • The second thing, as you can see following lines in the video:

Assume that LMSFinish was not called because the browser quit unexpectedly, the LMS should not return ab-inition when learner accesses the lesson in the next time. It should know that learner had visited the lesson.


It seems the resuming works somewhat better in SCORM 2004… but still not 100%, and I would still like to add a “commit code” to each slide on load and/or to the continue button I have at the end of each slide.
What would be a simple code to just force an LMS commit? (or does this not make any sense).
Ideally this code would work only when SCORM and not when HTML5.

Hi Michael,

ActivePresenter does call “commit code” in the following cases:

  • At the end of each slide.
  • When submitting a question.
  • After each 60 seconds.

The problem is Decebo requires calling “finish code” to storing resuming data which apparently doesn’t follow SCORM specs. The “finish code” should be the last call and every calls after that are invalids. For this reason, you can not call the “finish code” for each slide.


Correct - I recall that part now.