ActivePresenter legal issue

I used the free version of activepresenter to edit a school course. Can I sell the course now?

ActivePresenter version:




Let me provide you with some information about the Free version of ActivePresenter:

1. It is used for trial purposes.
The Free edition is fully functional as the Standard or Pro edition.
The only difference is that the watermark will be added to the outputs of non-free features until the license is activated.
You can test all features of ActivePresenter without any functionality or time restrictions.

2. It is free for non-commercial purposes.
You can use the outputs having no watermark for a non-profit organization or an educational institution.

So, you cannot sell the course since it’s commercial use.


Thank you so much for your help. Just ‘cutting’ a few seconds is a non-free feature?


Basic editing tools such as cutting, copying range, etc. are free features, which do not add watermark in free outputs. However, you can only use the outputs having no watermark for non-commercial purposes.

Please refer to this comparison table to see which are free or non-free features: ActivePresenter Feature Comparison - Atomi Systems, Inc.