ActivePresenter crashing regularly

I upgraded to 8.0.2 which was supposed to have been fixed in this version. Still crashing regularly and all I am doing is editing. I am saving each change but when I open the project up again after the crash, some timings are out. In the space of a couple of hours 5 projects I was working on, crashed.

Can you please include the Operating System (OS) you’re using?

windows 10 enterprise. work laptop.

Hi Mintofee,

Please try the following steps to see if it works:

  • Select ActivePresenter > Miscellaneous.
  • Select the Miscellaneous tab.
  • Select Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering.
  • Click OK and then restart the program.

If any crash report dialog appears, please fill your information so we know that is reported from you.


ok thank you. I have set it.

Active Presenter just crashed. I filled in the error message box. This was the 2nd project I opened and edited today and as soon as I clicked on tutorial, it crashed.

And again. 4th project. editing only. got this message.
image I didn’t get an error message box this time.

Another crash. sent crash report. some of these crashes could be linked to tutorial. I have noticed that when I open tutorial, either the project I’m in crashes or the next project I open crashes when editing.


We’ve received your crash report. We will check and get back to you soon.
If you get another crash, please fill and send the crash report.


I’ve filled in 3 crash reports already. did you only receive one?


No, we’ve received 6 reports in total.


ok. thanks. lost count how many crashes I had.


According the crash reports, the problem seems related to the template/resources that you use for your projects. Can you please share a project which the crash occurs when you are working on so we can check? You can email it to


I am sorry, but due to client privacy, I am unable to send you a project. You cannot tell from the crash reports what is happening? As I said, project crashes more often when I open tutorial. there might be a trigger there.

Can you please let us know:

  • What is the dimension of your project?
  • The screen resolution?
  • Does your project contains high resolution images or video (> 2000 x 2000, for example)?


There are 7 of us working with these projects but they have AP standard version and some are still working with earlier than 8 because of the instability of 8. no video, we all have the same parameters of screen resolution, templates etc. I am the only one having these crashes it seems with 8.0.2.

Sorry, I meant the width and height of your projects. Please provide the information listed above since we have no data to check with. The difference between version 7 and 8 is the new one uses multiple CPU cores for rendering so that maybe a problem in some scenarios.


we are all working with w 1280 x H 720. Is that what you meant?

Thanks. How about the screen resolution and image/video dimensions?