ActivePresenter crashing (Mac OS Sonoma)

Hi all, has anyone else had an issue since updating their Mac to the new Sonoma OS? It doesn’t matter if it’s a new project or an old one, it keeps displaying a fatal error pop up then closing.

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Hi Steve,

We received the detailed information you sent through the email.
We are investigating it and will get back to you later.
But please note that ActivePresenter hasn’t supported macOS Sonoma, currently.

Best regards,

similar thing happening to me, but only on a certain game type that i’ve built. As soon as i open any of them the whole program crashes :frowning:

gradient fill Does it happen when we click on it, or is there a color created with gradient? I have this error too

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This is happening to me in ventura, I have not heard back from support in 5 days, does anyone have any advice?

Dear @Tania,

We found your email in our spam folder and responded to it. Please check your email box.
Have a nice day.


Yes, the issue happens when you click on the Gradient Fill radio box.
We’re working to fix it, @hamdi_goktas

Your associate responded right away and now is working on it from there :slight_smile: thank you Phuong!

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I had the same problem.

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I have the same problem too. I can’t work. I would appreciate it if you fix it as soon as possible.

Hi guys

The latest ActivePresenter 9.1.3 version has been released with macOS 14 is officially supported and the Gradient Fill issue is fixed.
Please update the app and experience it.

Best regards,