ActivePresenter crashed and didn't save my record

Please, I have recorded 50 minutes of presentation and when I stopped the app crashed and didn’t saved it.

What should I do?

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Please try to find recorded audio and video in the folder C:\Users<your_user_name>\Documents\ActivePresenter\.ActivePresenterCachedProjects (you may need to show hidden files to view it), then create a new project from them.


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Hi @phuongdv !

Thanks for answer!

I am able to see the files, but, not to create a new project from them.


Have you tried creating a blank project, then click Annotation > Audio/Video? This only works if the files are not corrupted.


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Hi @phuongdv.

The following message is displayed:

“File does not contain video data”

Did anyone actually figure this out? I have a 30min proj I’m working on and it crashed out if nowhere

Best thing ever! thanks I did recover it

Same and I dont know what do to nowwww :frowning: