ActivePresenter 9 charts

Good day everyone!

A fiew questiuons about charts:

  1. In a pie chart where no option to show legend inside of piechart parts
  2. There no option how to show statistics - % like in PowerPoint piecharts I can choose how to show data
  3. Cant link several pie charts to 1 data chart to show different data from one excelsheet
  4. After import piecharts from powerpoint with linked excel table - no option to chage data inside piecharts - AP9 doesn’t see any linked data
  5. Is there any option in live change data statistics in charts with autoupdates? (Html5 export option)
  6. Is it possible save current slide state after page refresh?

Hi Lev,

Long time no see.
Chart is one of the impressive new features that come along with ActivePresenter 9.
Hope that my answers below will address your concern:

  1. Just select the chart > click the green plus button. Then you can decide to show/hide the legends.

  2. At this time, ActivePresenter just allows displaying the Chart label when hovering the mouse over each category of the chart in HTML5.

  3. A Pie chart can show only one Dataset. If you want to display many Dataset with the round type, please consider using the Doughnut chart.

  4. After importing a Pie chart from Powerpoint, right-click it > Edit Chart Data to show up the excel table.

5 & 6. These are not available in the current version of ActivePresenter.

Kindly refer to this article to grab basic information about creating chart: How to Create Charts and Graphs in ActivePresenter 9
After releasing the new version, we keep working to enhance the features to optimize user experiences.

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