ActivePresenter 9.0 keeps crashing

All of the sudden, ActivePresenter 9.0 (latest) keeps crashing when I open any of my hidden objects game files. My other games are opening fine, but for some reason the hidden object games are all causing the program to crash as soon as I open them.

ActivePresenter version: 9

OS: Mac Sonoma 14

Notes: I noticed that every time i open a file and it crashes, a secondary file is created of the same file name but with a .wal extension. I have no idea what could be causing this. Some of these files i have not opened in a few months. Here’s a link to download the project file: - Google Drive

Also attached is the crash report.
activepresenter-crash-report.txt (182.0 KB)

Thanks for your help

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We appreciate the comprehensive details you’ve provided.
After reviewing the information, it has come to our attention that you are operating macOS Sonoma 14. As previously discussed in other threads, please note that ActivePresenter 9 may not exhibit full compatibility with this particular macOS iteration.

Besides, based on your project, we see that the slides are set up with Gradient Fill, so it caused the issue.
We are conducting further investigation and trying to fix the issue, Sarah.

Best regards,

Thank you! Would it be possible for you to remove that gradient fill and send back the file so I can work on the project? I don’t even know where I have that in the project. It is certainly not necessary. Will Active Presenter eventually be made to be compatible with Sonoma?

Hi Sarah,

Here you are adrian-hidden-objects_gradient_removed.approj - Google Drive

Yes, we’re working on it.


Amazing thank you SO MUCH!

We would like to notify you that Mac Sonoma 14 is officially supported in the latest ActivePresenter version.
Also, the Gradient Fill issue has been resolved.
Please access the Help tab > Check Updates, @brightwaterkids.