ActivePresenter 6 SCORM and LMS - starting on the last page when failed

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I’m using a SCORM export of an AP6 eLearning on an LMS (Docebo) - when you open the Scorm item it starts where you left off - which is great - except that it also carries on to do so once the item is completed and even if the passing conditions are not reached.

The LMS will indicate the SCORM item as failed but carries on to open it on the last slide.

I can set a restart presentation JavaScript button on the last slide but I’m a bit concerned users will click this rather than the final continue/end presentation button and will reset the entire presentation rather than finishing it…

Is there a way to have this restart button only active if the SCORM item has been completed(failed) already once? Is there a way to store a variable which will remain when you re-open it?

E.g. a restart button (which I have already) covered by a shape and the shape would be hidden if the presentation was completed already a first time.

(I tried this by setting a variable on a previous slide as well as on the last slide but when it re-opens after fail on the last slide it does not recognize that variable).

Or perhaps there is a completely different way to do this.

Goal is simple – if eLearning is not complete carry on where you left off (this works) and if completed (regardless of if failed or success) restart from slide 0.

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In ActivePresenter 6 version, when the presentation ended, users cannot interact anymore. So, there is no way if you want to make the restart button works after the presentation ended.

When presentation completed, if users access presentation as a new attempt it will restart from the beginning, otherwise, it might be a bug.

About the point “except that it also carries on to do so once the item is completed and even if the passing conditions are not reached”, I’m not sure what you mean. Please explain more in details.

If possible, can you please share a sample project with the problem so we can check?


I don’t think this is linked to ActivePresenter but more to the LMS (Docebo) which when you open the eLearning item (AP6 in SCORM) re-opens on the last page you were on - which make sense.
But it also does it when you have finished and even if you have failed… it re-opens on the last slide and not on the first one as it should logically do after a fail. I believe this is more an issue with the LMS but wanted to go around the problem by putting a rewind/restart button on the last slide - ideally a button which does not work if the users has finished the presentation before:

a. users finish the presentation and fails - no rewind button visible
b. users closes the LMS window
c. user re-opens the LMS window - it loads of the last page - and a rewind button is visible.

my question is is there a way to identify c. when re-opening - knowing that the user has already completed it… if so I could use this information to make the rewind button appear.

If no, I will just put a rewind/restart button alongside the final one and just warn user to not use this except if they have already finish the presentation.



I guess your content contains an interaction in the last slide (maybe a button) pausing the presentation which prevents the presentation from actually ended. If possible, please share the project so we can check. Because the presentation loads its previous state from LMS so there is no way to know c) if it is an LMS problem.


I tried to remove any pausing button from the last slide but doesn’t change the issue,
Attached is a small trial presentation I am using to test -Scorm testing 3.approj (34 KB)

Once I find a solution I will reproduce it on the actual eLearning which are much too heavy and cannot be shared.
With this example the first time I run it, in the LMS it opens on slide 1 and autoplays from there.
If I succeed it is hidden by the LMS which is the desired LMS setting.
If I fail it remains visible, is indicated as failed by the LMS but when I re-open it, it opens on page 3,

Any ideas? I guess I should put a rewind button with a bunch of warnings… or contact the LMS provider to see if they can do something
thanks a lot!!!



I have tested your course sample in Docebo LMS and see that Docebo LMS always brings users to where they left even succeed or failed. It seems to be the designed behavior of Docebo LMS.

However, if you log in as administrator or teacher role you can reset the progress of users, so they can retake the course. To reset progress, go to Course Report, then select the user and reset their progress.


thanks for checking, but resetting it for every user would be cumbersome.
I will add a reset button on the last slide with the following code:
and just tell the users to click this only if they have already finished and failed the training.
Attached is a sample test if you want to take a look.
Scorm testing 2.approj (35 KB)

Is there a way to know the current score percentage in AP6? I believe it can be done in 7, but my older modules are in 6.
If there is a way to do this - I could perhaps use this to hide the button when score is sufficient and show it only when score is under the passing percentage


Hi Michael,

I have looked at your project. Your workaround seems to be fine.

About the course score, you can call the function Prez.GetReportData(undefined, true).percentage to get the score in percentage. Or you just call Prez.GetResult() to know if the course passed or failed.

In addition, you can call Prez.GetPoints() or Prez.GetMaxPoints() get the score in points.


this is great - GetResult() is just what I need, it worked fine in my first test but now when I am trying to use it to hide a button:

var rewindButton = Prez.GetObject(‘restartButton’);
var status = Prez.GetResult();

It doesn’t seem to want to hide the button when SCORM is passed.
It doesn’t return any errors - just doesn’t hide the button.
Any clue why?
Any work around? perhaps but a shape over the button and hide that but I seem to have the same issue with this.

Attached the version with this code. Scorm testing 2.approj (35 KB)

Thanks a lot,

Hi Michael,

The attached project doesn’t contain any Hide button. You should add the code to the Event section of the Properties pane when selecting the slide. You should also replace rewindButton.Hide() by rewindButton.Show(false) since there is no Hide method in version 6.


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rewindButton.Show(false) is what I needed - thank you very much for the help and support.
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