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What is the pic signifying during the review? and how to remove it?

Im switching from Adobe Captivate and love what I’m seeing so far. I currently make only quiz format learning with simple multiple choice answers. I can’t figure out how to include explanation of the correct answer during the review. Is that even possible? Anyone else doing just quizzes with feedback after taking the quiz?

Any other suggestion if not possible? Maybe display explanation on submitting the correct answer?


Displaying explanation on submitting the correct/incorrect answer or during the review are all possible in ActivePresenter. You can use a feedback layer to display explanation and use Show Responses action to show/hide correct/incorrect checkmark.

Please take a look at these tutorials:


thank you for the quick answer, another questions, im new to this software, just bought the pro version, so what’s the quicker way to add for each correct answer an explanation during the review? So each question will have different explanation.


You should go to Feedback Master then add each feedback layer for each question. After that, you can use Show Feedback Layer action to show/hide these layers.

As below picture, I show a sample of showing custom feedback layer for Slide 1:



In addition, if you just want to show a simple explanation such as an image or a text caption, you can use Show/Hide Object action instead.


how do you go to slide 1 from feedback master?

You should use Go to Slide or Go to Slide at Index action to go to a specific slide from feedback master or other places.

i apologize but where is go to slide exactly?

I’m not sure that I understand your question correctly. What did you mean “go to slide”? Could you provide a screenshot or explain your problem in more details so we can help?

ok, where do I exactly insert the feedback in review mode for each slide?

Please go to View > Feedback Master to go Feedback Master View. Here you can add new or customize feedback layers. These feedback layers will be used throughout your course. The variable apReviewMode will help you know if you are in review mode or not.

Please spend your time in the above tutorials which I mentioned. They will help you get an overview look of working with feedback layers.


maybe im missing something here, when i go t feedback master this is all i see.

That’s correct. You can customize the feedback layers by adding annotations or interactions here.

ok but where do i add the explanation exactly?

You should go to the Annotations or Interactions tab to add the explanation. Adding content for these layers is similar to normal slides.

thank you, i really appreciate it

Is there a way to import multiple choice from word document? Also can you export to word document? I didn’t see that options anywhere.

There is no way to import questions from Word document or text file in ActivePresenter 7. We are developing this feature (importing question from GIFT file) and it will be available in the next few months.

Regarding export to Word document feature, it’s only available in Windows version.