Active Presenter cuts 2 - 3 first seconds of video each time I start recording

Problem: Hello. I have a problem. Each time when I record screencasts AP cuts 2-3 first seconds of video. This happens so: I push record, countdown starts… 3, 2, 1, 0… Then I expect that the recording have started. But! In fact, a have to wait another 2 - 3 seconds and only then I can be sure the content appears in my video. In other case, if I start talking immediately after countdown dissapears I loose first seconds of my screencast. In previous versions of AP (for instance, in AP6) there was no such problem. Is that a bug or feature?! :laughing:

ActivePresenter Version: 8

OS: Win 10 Home



Can you please share the log of ActivePresenter, so we can check? To view the log, click ActivePresenter > Preferences > Miscellaneous > View Log.