Activating AP-product

Problem: Hello Fellow AtomiSystemsTeam! I have a small problem; I have been reorganizing all our laptops here at home; unfortunately, it seems that in an mysterious way, I have an activated version of AP somewhere left on our laptops, but I cannot find out where anymore. (Rather silly, and stupid…).
Anyway, can you ‘deactivate’ my user so that I can initially activate the AP on 1 main PC here on my home-desk?

ActivePresenter version: ActivePresenter 7 Pro

OS: Windows 10

Notes: This is my mail-content I have received a few weeks ago:
ActivePresenter 7 Pro
License Type: Perpetual
License Volume: 1
Upgrade: Standard Upgrade Policy (
Download URL:

Please do the following steps to activate your license:

  • Download the latest version of ActivePresenter from if you have not done it yet.
  • Install and start ActivePresenter.
  • Select Activate Product on the top-right corner.
  • Enter your product key in the Activation Dialog and click Activate.


Firstly, please don’t post your product key publicly because others may use it.
All paid users can always send emails to for any support requests.

Secondly, I’ve just reset your product key so now you should be able to reuse it again.

Going forward, you can manage the activations yourself using the portal at:


Thanks for the support.
And indeed, I realized my stupid action, sending the product key.
Sorry for it… and thanks for understanding.

Best regards.

I hope the problems with the floodings (caused by nature in Vietnam) are more or less over?

(By the way, I am super-super-enthousiastic about AP; I have been ‘developing’ Presentations and Quizzes (and I have been publishing them on my own site, I have been using AP for almost 1300 hours yet…(!). By means of PHP and SQL on my own web-space, I made my own small ‘learning system’ for pupils here in our school. Thanks to the JSON-output you offer, I can use it for 260 children who attend my courses. So, I am very grateful and very, very respectful for the incredible good product you have made!!)

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Hi Filip,

Thank you very much for your kind words!
It’s a pleasure for us as software developers to see that the software can be utilized to its full potential by users like you. Please keep up the great work!

Regarding the floodings, it’s well over now. I’m somewhat surprised that you knew about that :).

Best Regards,