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Activatimg audio on HTML5 export

Problem: HTML5 Export, how to unmute audio

ActivePresenter Version: 8.0.3

OS: Win10

I have a tutorial with audio narration. Since on Chrome, it starts mute, on the player there the suggestion to click or tap to unmute.
I also added a button to start the tutorial that at the same time were unmuting the audio (because it nedds a click or a tap). With version 7, this were working, but now, on version 8 doesn’t.
How can I activate the audio with 1 click or a tap only?

Thank you in advance


Hi Stefano,

There’s a bug in version 8 that causes this issue in some cases.
We’ll release a fix soon.
In the meantime, you can add an action to the button On Click event to unmute the audio explicitly:


We’re sorry for this inconvenience.


It’s working.
Thank you