Activating audio on HTML5 export

Problem: HTML5 Export, how to unmute audio

ActivePresenter Version: 8.0.3

OS: Win10

I have a tutorial with audio narration. Since on Chrome, it starts mute, on the player there the suggestion to click or tap to unmute.
I also added a button to start the tutorial that at the same time were unmuting the audio (because it nedds a click or a tap). With version 7, this were working, but now, on version 8 doesn’t.
How can I activate the audio with 1 click or a tap only?

Thank you in advance


Hi Stefano,

There’s a bug in version 8 that causes this issue in some cases.
We’ll release a fix soon.
In the meantime, you can add an action to the button On Click event to unmute the audio explicitly:


We’re sorry for this inconvenience.


It’s working.
Thank you


is there any update on whether this is fixed?

I am experiencing the same issue, where we added an audio toggle to set the variable to true, if audio is wanted by user. On true, the audio will play on load.
However, if the audio toggle is not activated and the user clicks the “Start Now” button to begin, then the volume button is automatically active, due to the click action, but obviously no audio will play because the variable is not true.

How can we edit the toolbar, in order to show everything not active, in case the variable is stilll false.


Hi Sheree,

That bug has been fixed in version 8.0.4 (released 2020.03.25).
However, it is not releated to your use case.
In your case, you can do as follows:

  • Use apMute variable to control your audio, don’t add another variable.
  • Add the script below to Project Properties > Event so that it’ll not unset apMute variable when the user clicks on the slide: