Action 'Presentation Close' Button Not Working


I have inserted an action button to close the presentation once the quiz has been completed. It has a random slide quiz with 2 questions and then a report. The report is where I have added the button. However the presentation does not close when it is clicked. Any ideas?




If you use the “End Presentation” action for this button, it will not close the browser. When this action occurs, any further actions that affect learner results (such as submitting a quiz) will be blocked. This action is designed to notify an LMS that the lesson is completed or send the report to the HTTP report address if you are using an LMS or HTTP report, respectively.

If you want a button to close the browser, you will need to add JavaScript code to that button.

Here is the code for your reference:


Hope this helps!

Hello there @Hang - thank you for this post! I found it as I was looking for an answer to this very question. I want to ask you just to clarify: if I set a button to End Presentation and then to Execute Java Script as per the screenshot above, will that both 1. record the learners’ work to the LMS and 2. close the tab?

I believe that is what you are saying but I want to double check just in case…


Hi @samamara,

Yes, that’s correct. The End Presentation action will notify an LMS that the lesson is completed and the learners’ work will be recorded to the LMS. The JavaScript code above is for closing the browser.


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Thanks so much for the clarification and confirmation @Hang :pray:t3::star_struck:!

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