Ability to restore video or audio from the timeline

When I cut a video or audio file, if I cut wrong or changed my mind, I wish I could right click on the file and have a “Restore File” option. This would correspond to recovering the source file which is in the application library. When you have dozens of objects in the library, it’s not easy. The “Restore” option would be a great time saver and simplification.


When using audio/video editing tools like Delete or Split, ActivePresenter will automatically generate files in the Resources pane. But the first resource always is the original one.
So, you can drag and drop it to the Canvas or Timeline pane to replace the current editing video object.
Or, if you just want to redo the last action, simply press CTRL+Z or click the corresponding option in the ActivePresenter Quick Access Toolbar.
Among the dozens of objects in your Resources pane, there may include many unused items.
ActivePresenter allows you to delete them to remove confusion and reduce the project size (In the Resources toolbar > Select Unused Items button > Delete button).


My request is to simplify the task, which is the primary goal of your application, to simplify the development process.

After having worked several hours/days on my project, the Ctrl+Z is no longer useful.

I don’t want to rummage through my library to find the original clip!

It would be so much easier and faster to right click on my video or audio file and choose “Restore”!

Or do like Storyline which allows direct access to the source found in the library.


Thanks for your idea, @ChristDuNord. We’ll consider implementing this feature.
Temporarily, you can go to the Source in Properties and find the original file there (Properties pane > Media tab > Video section).
It is better for you than looking for and dragging the old file.
By default, the edit file is named after the original file. For example, the original file is Summer, so its edit files can be Summer_1; Summer_2, etc.