A question to the whole community. Search a LMS

Hello, a question for the community. We are looking for a reliable LMS for external customer training. I post it here in most used category, hope that´s OK…

It should, of course, be available globally and be operable in as many languages as possible. For example in Thai.

And it should be possible to define different areas so that different customers can be provided with different customized training courses.

User management must therefore also be possible.

We are currently looking at Litmos, Absorlms and Moodle, whereby Moodle could be shortlisted. We do not have the possibility to host it ourselves. So it would have to be a provider where we only need to upload the training courses we create ourselves.

Does anyone have any recommendations or experience?

Thank you very much

@OlliRing - I have interacted with several different LMS applications over the years and trialed several others. I have the most experience with the ones listed below.

  1. Moodle
  2. D2L
  3. Adobe Learning Manager
  4. Docebo
  5. Talent LMS

I think I enjoyed Talent LMS the most for what I thought was the most intuitive admin interface. If you have not gotten a demo and trial of this yet - it may be worth your time.
I was the primary Moodle admin for 39 school districts approx 15 years ago and I very much liked Moodle but I did host it myself - I cannot speak for any of the hosted solutions out there.
When I was in your position and testing several solutions - I did a trial of both Litmos and AbsorbLMS. Neither met my requirements and I recall that Absorb - though they claimed to be very intuitive - was frustrating to perform many functions.

Have you done any extended trials of each of the platforms? It is good to have a trial instance so that you can upload some resources and experience both the admin and learner side of things. As an admin, I can see how to manage content and users and look at reports. As a learner I can see how others will consume my content. Make sure the platform supports your preferred export format.

If you wish to offer separate instances for customers, there are some different ways to refer to this capability. Extended Enterprise, Branches, etc. This would be important to test as well. Depending on the size of your learner base and amount of content, you might be able to segment other ways. Docebo, while it does offer the ability to have separate experiences, has a good catalog setup. You could have all of your learners in groups and only allow certain groups access to certain course catalogs and thus have different offerings that way. If they need different branding, you’ll have to go enterprise.

In the end - you have to determine if the LMS helps you to meet your business goals. If you find several that do - then it boils down to your preference in terms of user experience and of course price.

Hope that helps.


Hello Greg,

Thank you very much for your great answer. Apparently other forum members had the same question, as you got some well-deserved hearts. From me too, of course. :blush:

I didn’t even have Docebo on my mind. Thank you for the tip. We will now test Moodle, TalentLMS and Docebo and fight our way through the pushy sales pitches. :crazy_face:

You are very !!! Thank you again and all the best. :pray: