7.3.1 keeps crashing on me

Recorded video sessions twice. Both times it crashed. 1st time the entire session crashed at the very end without giving me the option to even save. 2nd time, i tried saving it just as an activepresenter file without exporting. Even that crashed. Help. Just sent log to support@atomisystems.com soon.


Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any related information from the log file. If it only happens with a specific project, please share it so we can check. If the error report dialog appears after crashing, please enter your email and send the report to us so we can know that the issue comes from you.


I downloaded 6.1.6 (the only older version i could find on your official website) and that worked.

No. no error report dialogue came up sorry. That’s also what i was hoping for actually. Like i said i downloaded an older version…what i like about the older version compared to the new is that it asks me to name and kinda save a preliminary file upfront. With the new version, the GUI seems to be more convenient & faster but when a project i have been recording crashes, it disappears without a trace.