2D tiles function & 3D "threeJS" integration


First of all: SaolaAnimate is a great tool / software for webAnimations ! Compliments to the dev-team.
I purchased it these days (perpetual lic.). I am a hobby user. My field is: animations and game-design /-development.

My questions are:
Will there be some features or can they be added for HTML5 Game-Development, like:

  • 2D tile function (level editing / generation)
  • integration with 3D, maybe some kind of “threeJS”


Hi Sledge,

Thank you for choosing Saola Animate as your animation/game development tool.
Saola Animate is a general-pupose animation tool so I’m afraid that features focused on a specific field will not get enough attention.

If you have JavaScript coding skill you can import 3rd libraries to extend the ability of Saola Animate:

Saola Animate also supports 3D transformation to make animation look more realistic and interesting, though it’s not practical to build a 3D world with this feature:


Thanks for the Reply.

Didnt know about the 3D-transformation inside Saola-Animate. Thats very cool & handy ! I think i can use it for some Platformer special effects.

For the 3D stuff. If i want to integrate threeJS for 3D and use SaolaAnimate for the UI, is it possible to render the background (Scene_1 Div) transparent, with opacity:0. If i do so all the content inside “Scene” will be transparent too (What i dont want). Is there any way to make only the Scene transparent ? Maybe there are some hints or a links for such a situation ? (general javascript or SaolaAnimate specific).


Hi Sledge,

You can use Solid Fill, and set Opacity 0 for the fill color:


Okay. Good to know ! Thank you for this info.