Zoom-n-pan with video

I want to zoom into a video and then start it. However, it seems that there is no keyframe function or similar in the timeline? So I cannot start the video at a certain frame.

My workaround is that I create a static screenshot of the video and place it in front:

But more of a workaround. Is there a better way to control the start frame of a video?


It’s a good idea to add a static screenshot of the video at the beginning and then insert a zoom-n-pan effect. However, there is another way that I’d like to share it with you which is inserting time to the beginning of the video, then adding a zoom effect as shown in the image below:


Please refer to this tutorial to know how to insert time:

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Cool, thanks! That was exactly what I was looking for! Definitively simplifies things.

Only the wording of that function “insert time” is a bit misleading. I saw that before, but have not expected this functionality behind it. Wouldn’t “insert pause in video” a better title?

That makes sense! Thank you for your nice suggestion. We will add this to our update for the tutorial above.