Zoom n Pan only on a portion of slide

Problem: I have set of objects at the bottom of each slide which are basically to control various events/action throughout the project. But when i use Zoom, it covers the whole slide and even the control objects are covered. Is there any way I can zoom-in only to the part of the screen and not the entire screen. I understand the dimensions have to be proportionate but If any way I can manage the output of zoom-in only to part of the slide and not entire slide.

Attached a screenshot of the slide. smaller area in red is what to be zoomed in and blue area is the expected output after zoom.
AP issue

ActivePresenter version: 8.5.2

OS: windows10, build 19043



We used to answer another user who has the same question as yours. Please see this topic to find the answer.


Thanks but I had checked this thread earlier before posting. Couple of concerns with this.

  1. This was mentioned to be for AP 6 and then modified for AP7 but I am using AP8.
  2. It seems to be for floating buttons whereas I was asking for zoomed-in area not to cover buttons at the bottom and not buttons remaining on top.
  3. Also am not too technical so cannot actually be sure how this will work in reality as it seems to be for a single button but i have about 5 buttons at the bottom of the slide (its a toolbar but within the slide).

if you say, I can attach my sample project file.



The code for version 7 should also work for version 8. You should find the code below the line “Below is the code for multiple buttons, you just need to update the array of button names.” and update the following line:

buttonNames = [‘Button_4’, ‘Button_6’], // plz update this array

It requires some JavaScript skill but there is no better solution now.


thanks so much @phuongdv . Will try to use and share feedback.


I used the code and updated the button names but didn’t work. I tried by using the code in the event section of the project properties and also on the specific slide where zoom is applied. but nothing worked. Do you want me to send the project?



Yes, please email the project to support@atomisystems.com



I had sent email in the morning itself but somehow it was stuck in drafts. Just sent it.

thanks and regards


The name of the progress bar is Seekbar but you set Progressbar in your script so it didn’t work.
You should also remove the script in Project Event, just put it in the slide On Load event.
Furthermore, you should group all your buttons, and pass only the group name (instead of all button names) to the script.


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Dear @ToanLS,

It worked perfect. Thank you so much.

Best regards

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