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Problem: I have a 10 slides presentation. I export it as xAPI to the LMS and the pass condition is “at least 4 slides viewed”.

If I close my browser after 4-5 slides (whitout using an End presentation button), the LMS does not show Completed status. When/how the completed status is send to the LMS? Only when the End presentation button is clicked? How can I send the completed status as soon as it is reached?

ActivePresenter version: 8.5.1


To get pass/fail result, you have to complete the presentation. If you stop halfway, you may get an incomplete result. To end the presentation, you can do either of the following:

  1. Add a button to the last slide to end the presentation.
  • In the Properties pane > Interactivity tab, check the “Pause presentation to wait for user input” option. This will prevent the presentation from completing.
  • Add the On Click event for this button.
  • Add the following actions to the On Click event:
    • End Presentation (to end the presentation)
    • Execute Javascript, then add the code: window.close(); (to close the browser)

Clicking that button will end the presentation and close the browser. Please note that users must click this button to end the presentation, otherwise, the presentation is still running.

  1. Make the last slide automatically completed without any pause and with the Auto Advance option checked.

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In case you would like the presentation to be completed if the pass condition is met, even when the presentation hasn’t ended yet, you can add the following code lines to the project event (ActivePresenter > Project > Properties > Event):

if (!prez.orgDestroy) {
	prez.orgDestroy = prez.destroy;
	prez.destroy = function() {
		if (this.result()) // passed


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Thank you for your ideas! Your first reply is what I have already implemented. But, I’d like to send to the LMS the “completed status” as soon as it is reached. So, in my example, as soon as a viewer sees the 4th slide, I want to inform the LMS that this learner as completed the presentation.

I’ll try your second reply. As my understanding, this solution will send the “completed status” if the conditions are met even if the prensetation is not finished.

Edit : Thank you! It works!

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