Working with states

Problem: I am new to this application and just learning through the tutorials. I can’t seem to find much on working with states. Can I import an image I created to use as a Play button and add the hover, clicked, and disabled states to the image? If not, I would like to use a wingding to add a White Play button to the buttons.

ActivePresenter Version: 7

OS: Windows 7



Yes, you can use external images to create states for a button.

  1. Just insert a button from the Interaction tab, and open the Object States pane from the View tab.
  2. Make sure the button is selected, click the Edit States button on the Object States pane.
  3. Click to select the state that you want to edit then look for the Fill section on the Properties pane, choose Image Fill and select your image that you want to use for that state.
  4. Repeat step 3 for other states.

You can read more about Object States in the User Manual page 97.
We’re making tutorials for ActivePresenter 7 and there will be one for object states soon at