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Windows error after recording for more than a short time


I am using free version of ActivePresenter with windows 10 lenovo laptop. I am recording a straight video from a firefox window - nothing fancy. It works great for maybe 10 minutes. I can stop the video, view the video in Active Prenenter, export it to MP4 file, and play the file on VLC media viewer - no problems. However when I try to continue recording for, say, 15 minutes (I didn’t actually time it, so I’m guessing on the length of time, but there appears to be a time limit, because I tried it twice and both times, had the same problem) I get this windows error (I’m paraphrasing the error message here):

You’re computer needs to be restarted; we are just recording some details to send …
If you talk to a support person, give them this info:
Stop code: Video TDR Failure
What failed: atikmpag.sys

Is this related to using free version vs getting a license - Is there a limitation to the size of video you an record with free version? Or is this a different problem? Please advise. Short videos I have no problem recording, but I cannot record a longer one.



It seems to be a graphics driver issue. Can you please try updating it to see if the issue can be resolved or not?