Why doesn't the index.html page not get generated in Scorm export

When I export into Scorm 1.2, it doesn’t launch an index.html page that is the launchpad for each different mode. I just get an index.css file.

Is there a way a user can navigate to each mode from an index.html like page when exporting to Scorm?

ActivePresenter Version: Lastest

OS: Windows 7



By default, each mode will be exported as a separate SCORM package and so the index page is not generated, instead the LMS will launch the html file for each mode directly (demo.html, tutorial.html,…).
Furthermore, most LMSes usually open the SCORM content in a new window, if we use an index page it will open another new window which is not an optimal experience for learners.

You should export each mode as a separate SCORM package and import them separately into the LMS: For example, an Introduction entry which opens the demo mode and a Practice entry would open the practice mode,…

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Thanks very much for your reply. Kind of figured but I wanted a concrete answer for senior members of my organization.