Why can not videos be viewed on mobile devices?

Why can not videos be viewed on mobile devices?

Hi Luis_Manuel_Moreno,

Could you please send us some information about your issue as below:

  • Saola Animate version
  • OS name and version
  • Browser name
  • Video format
  • Is your video not displayed or not played?

Best regards


  • Saola Animate version (last version)
  • OS name and version
  • Browser name (Google Crome)
  • Is your video not displayed or not played? (mp4)

Hi Luis,

Can you please provide access to the animation, or send us the project package so that we can check?


Send Saola Pack. https://we.tl/t-3hkTXvu61n


It works well on our mobile devices (both Android and iOS devices).
Maybe your device is too out of date, or you uploaded it to the server incorrectly.


Could you upload it to a test server to be able to watch it?

Here you are, Luis


saola animate allows export in scorm?

No, it’s their other product ActivePresenter that has built in SCORM capabilities. But you can do it manually.

How would it be done manually?

The SCORM calls can be handled using any available SCORM wrapper - I normally use ADL’s own. Attach the wrapper to the project, set up the triggers for the SCORM calls and publish to HTML5.

You’ll then need a packager. There is a commercial option called Simple SCORM Packager and also a free node version by the same name.

If I get a chance, I’ll upload a sample next week.

I would like to see it

Here’s a simple SCORM project that allows you to initialise the SCORM connection, get and set some data and then finalise the connection.

saola-scorm.saolapack (5.4 KB)
saola-scorm-content-package.zip (54.2 KB)

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It doesn’t work

You’ll need to be more specific. It’s been tested in Moodle, SCORM Cloud and an Internal LMS and runs fine in all of them.

Hi mackavi
Nice example, all works nice but when i upload your zip to Moodle don’t take the “scormStudentName” say Hi undefined. You know where the problem may be ?
Thanks and sorry for my bad English

Hi Angel,

I see that the sample works fine when uploading to Moodle demo sandbox at https://demo.moodle.net/
I guess that the format of the student name (cmi.core.student_name) in your Moodle version is incorrect so you got undefined. The format should be: “last name, first name and middle initial. Last name and first name are separated by a comma.”
You can check by editing startScormEvent function in Functions pane, change line 7

scormStudentName = tmpName.split(',')[1];


scormStudentName = tmpName;


Hi Angel,

Are you able to post the Moodle SCORM Debug log?

Hi toanis
I have changed the variable as you indicate and now if it shows the studentname well. Thank you so much for everything