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Why can not videos be viewed on mobile devices?

(Luis Manuel Moreno) #1

Why can not videos be viewed on mobile devices?

(Nguyen Quoc Dat) #2

Hi Luis_Manuel_Moreno,

Could you please send us some information about your issue as below:

  • Saola Animate version
  • OS name and version
  • Browser name
  • Video format
  • Is your video not displayed or not played?

Best regards

(Luis Manuel Moreno) #3


(Toan Le) #4

Hi Luis,

Can you please provide access to the animation, or send us the project package so that we can check?


(Luis Manuel Moreno) #5

Send Saola Pack.

(Toan Le) #6


It works well on our mobile devices (both Android and iOS devices).
Maybe your device is too out of date, or you uploaded it to the server incorrectly.


(Luis Manuel Moreno) #7

Could you upload it to a test server to be able to watch it?

(Toan Le) #8

Here you are, Luis


(Luis Manuel Moreno) #9

saola animate allows export in scorm?


No, it’s their other product ActivePresenter that has built in SCORM capabilities. But you can do it manually.

(Luis Manuel Moreno) #11

How would it be done manually?


The SCORM calls can be handled using any available SCORM wrapper - I normally use ADL’s own. Attach the wrapper to the project, set up the triggers for the SCORM calls and publish to HTML5.

You’ll then need a packager. There is a commercial option called Simple SCORM Packager and also a free node version by the same name.

If I get a chance, I’ll upload a sample next week.

(Luis Manuel Moreno) #13

I would like to see it


Here’s a simple SCORM project that allows you to initialise the SCORM connection, get and set some data and then finalise the connection.

saola-scorm.saolapack (5.4 KB) (54.2 KB)

(Luis Manuel Moreno) #15

It doesn’t work


You’ll need to be more specific. It’s been tested in Moodle, SCORM Cloud and an Internal LMS and runs fine in all of them.

(Angel) #17

Hi mackavi
Nice example, all works nice but when i upload your zip to Moodle don’t take the “scormStudentName” say Hi undefined. You know where the problem may be ?
Thanks and sorry for my bad English

(Toan Le) #18

Hi Angel,

I see that the sample works fine when uploading to Moodle demo sandbox at
I guess that the format of the student name (cmi.core.student_name) in your Moodle version is incorrect so you got undefined. The format should be: “last name, first name and middle initial. Last name and first name are separated by a comma.”
You can check by editing startScormEvent function in Functions pane, change line 7

scormStudentName = tmpName.split(',')[1];


scormStudentName = tmpName;



Hi Angel,

Are you able to post the Moodle SCORM Debug log?

(Angel) #20

Hi toanis
I have changed the variable as you indicate and now if it shows the studentname well. Thank you so much for everything