Where is this button (Review Course)?

I’m translating the UserManual8_en into Russian. Reached page 220 “Inserting Report Slides”. UserManual8_en says the report slide is inserted with the “Review Course” button. But there is no button in the report slide of the program!
Maybe this feature has not yet been implemented and it makes no sense to translate the section Reviewing Courses?

ActivePresenter Version: 8.

OS: Win7.


Hi Sher,

Thank you for your question.

The information written in the UserManual8 is correct. A report slide is inserted into your
project with default parameters and the Review Course button.

In your case, please check again the theme you are using for your project. In the View tab > click on Slide Master, then in the Report Slide Layout, please make sure that Review Course button exists in that slide:


Reinstalled the program completely. The button has appeared. Obviously, there was no button due to the fact that version 8 was installed without removing 7.

And one more question: where to fix or disable spell check?
In the settings, the interface language is Russian, the project language is Russian, but the program shows errors, even on the buttons.


Hi Sher,

Thanks for getting back to me.
To disable spell check, please take a look at the bottom-right corner as in the below image:


Thank you, then I’ll supplement the user manual.

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