Where do you assign a SceneEventHandler?

I am trying to learn where each of the five events can be called.
I successfully found out where ElementEventHandler are assigned and called. (When you select a symbol)

I successfully found out where TimelineEventHandler are assigned and called. (When you assign a script to the timeline)

I successfully found out where DocumentEventHandler are assigned and called. (in the document tab you click event handlers and call it from there.)

Now, where do you assign the sceneEventHandler ?

Various ways:

  1. You can right click on the scene:

  2. Under properties panel - with the scene selected:


  1. From the scene element in the timeline panel:


Ok, one last question ;p

Hi Bracer,

A normal function can have an arbitrary number of arguments so it cannot be assigned directly to a Run JavaScript action. Instead, you can call it in any other event handler functions.

For example, if two or more event handlers need to do a common task, you can add a normal function to do that task and call it in those handlers.


That explains it !