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When text is selected in a text box, it is not highlighted

Problem: Selected text not highlighted

ActivePresenter version: 8.5.6

OS: Windows 10 professional

When text is selected, the only way I know it’s selected is that the formatting bar pops up; however, the background color of the text doesn’t change at all. This is what normally happens in other applications, e.g. PowerPoint, MS Word, etc. Do I have to change a setting somewhere?

I’m not talking about the actual formatting of the text. Other than the formatting bar, there is no visual indication that text has been selected. I’ve selected by dragging the cursor, right clicking and then select all, or ctrl+a.

Hi Lawrence,

We cannot reproduce the issue in our test, honestly.
Please provide us with a screenshot or video to illustrate your issue.

When selecting text in a text caption object of ActivePresenter, you will see the text is highlighted and a text inline editor pops up.
Just take a look at this quick video for more information:

Kind regards,

ActivePresenter Selected

Thank you for your quick reply. The video you referred me to is what I expected; however, I don’t get that result.

The 1st screenshot is from ActivePresenter

Thanks again for your assistance.


MS Word Selected Text

This is a screen shot from MS Word.


Selected Text PowerPoint

This is a screenshot of selected text in a text box in PowerPoint.


Hi Lawrence,

I have answered you via email but I post the solution here so it may help other users who have similar problems.

It seems the problem is related to graphics card and turning on the Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering option in Preferences > Miscellaneous is a temporary solution.


Many thanks again, for your assistance. It was most appreciated.

With the new setting, I also noticed an improvement in performance when editing text boxes such as multiple choice and multiple response. Previously, there was somewhat of a screen flicker when double clicking the answer choices or double clicking to select a check box. Now the double clicking of those items is much cleaner with no lag or screen flicker.