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When preview in Activ, I can't hear the audio



I downloaded the newest version this morning (7.5.3). When I place a new audio on my timeline project, I can’t directly hear it in the preview. But it works fine when I export it in HTML5 preview.

Could you look into it ? Its kind of difficult when you need to place the audio in the right place andyou can’t hear it.

Good day,

(Nam Nguyen) #2

Hi Lucie,

It seems that ActivePresenter doesn’t recognize the playback device when previewing. You should save your project then restart ActivePresenter and try previewing again.

To avoid this issue, you shouldn’t unplug/plug new speaker or headset while working with ActivePresenter.

If it still doesn’t work, please send us the log file. We will take a look and get back to you later.

To get the log file, please go to ActivePresenter > Preferences > Miscellaneous > View Log




I didn’t unplug/plug new speaker while working on Activ. I record with another program and add the audio afterwards. I never had any problems since today. I didn’t change the process I always use. But it’s a new version, and I always have issues with the new versions…
You can find the log below.
ActivePresenter.log (1.1 MB)

I opened another project who worked befor. The audio can’t be heard anymore.

(Dao Viet Phuong) #4

Thanks for your information. We will fix the issue in the next update. Please revert to version 7.5.2 or try the following steps to overcome the issue:

  • In Windows Taskbar, right-click the Audio icon.
  • Select Sounds.
  • In the Playback tab, double-click the default output device.
  • Select the Advanced tab then select one item with 44100Hz.

We are sorry for this inconvenience.



You’re welcome. I work in a software editing company, I’m use to this kind of thing, even if it’s better when everything works perfectly !

It may sound stupid but how can I revert to version 7.5.2 ? without erase and download again Activ ?

(Nam Nguyen) #6


Please download ActivePresenter 7.5.2 here and reinstall: It is the fastest way to revert.


(Chaviva) #7

I am having the same problem. I followed the instructions to ensure that “Exclusive mode” was not selected on my headphones, and I restarted my computer. I still cannot hear anything on my previews (on videos that I created months ago). I have no problem hearing the audio of other applications. I upgraded a few days ago, but I am going to revert to a previous release.

(Chaviva) #8

Hi, Thanks for the link to the previous release. I hear the audio now.