What is the hardware and sofware system requirement of Active Presenter?

Active Presenter seems very buggy.
I am using Win 10, 8G ram, CPU usage was low while encountering the bugs.

Bug 1: The preview video is extremly laggy, most of the time it stays still and completely out of synch with the audio. How am I going to edit the video and match it to the audio like this?!

Bug 2: The preview video re-adjust its size automatically by itself. I double checked all the video segments in my timelines individually to ensure they are all set to the same size, but active presenter still lowered the preview video size down by 500% almost, after few seconds into the video.

Bug 3: The recorded screen capture always occupy a quarter of the slide at the top left corner no matter how to change the settings. How can I make the screen captured video to take up the entire slide?


You can find the system requirements at https://atomisystems.com/activepresenter/system-requirements/

1, That is a known issue on some specific computers and we are working on this problem. Can you please try with version 7 to see if it works: https://atomisystems.com/apdownloads/ActivePresenter_v7.5.13_setup.exe

2, Please turn off the option View > Fit on Preview to resolve the issue.

3, It depends on your project size and the recorded video size. You can select the recording size equal to the project size to make the video take up the entire slide.