WebObject starts playing in Active presenter from the start of slide and not from the start of object?

I’m trying to integrate Saola HTML 5 exported web objects into Active presenter.
I have a slide which plays about 30 seconds static images with audio voice over and highlights then at timeline 30 seconds, I have an Web object linked to a Saola file - but it seems that when this object starts it has already been running for these 30 seconds…
I could place it on another slide but then I have an ugly flash when it goes from one to another.
My idea was to have on a same slide

  • static images imported to active presenter + audio imported to active presenter
  • HTML web object + audio imported to active presenter
  • back to more static images and audio
  • a second web object
    and so on…

FYI - if I reclick the slide timeline at 32 seconds for example, it starts playing the webobject from the beginning more or less - so this seems to confirm that the object plays from the slide load and not from the object load point.

Is this feasible?

Thanks and regards,

Hi Michael,

Yes, a web object will load the embedded page when the slide is loaded.
In your case, you can clear Autoplay option in Saola Animate Document pane, export it to HTML5 then import again into ActivePresenter.
In ActivePresenter, you can use an Animated Timer with the following script in its On Timer Complete event to start the Saola Animate animation:

var Saola = prez.object('web object name').frameNode.contentWindow.AtomiSaola;


this works - I was in fact trying to achieve that but did not see the Saolo document pane before you mentioned it. Thank you!
Logically it does not work when I click back on the timeline - later than the time out object - but I guess this cannot be changed.
Any suggestions or ideas in terms of better / easily integrating HTML5 items in Active presenter are welcome.