Webcam not functioning

Problem: I cant’n do the webcam functioning during the vídeo with screen. The Webcam is detected by the system and the audio of webcam is on. But the webcam is off. I did the same procedure of other vídeos, but now is not functioning.

Saola Animate version: Required.

OS: Required


I guess you are talking about ActivePresenter. If so, can you please share entire the log of ActivePresenter so we can check? To view the log, click ActivePrensenter > Preferences > Miscellaneous > View Log.
If you can not upload the log file, you can email it at

I have a similar problem. I am using Win 10 (updated) on a Surface Pro 4. Activepresenter works fine with the front and rear cameras on the SP4. However, it does not work when I try to select an external Webcam. It appears to detect it just fine, but when I click on it it stays on “webcam off”. The Webcam is a Logitech QuickCam Pro 5000.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Roberto,
Hi Grace,

Can you please check to see if the following temporary version works?


I uninstalled the software. Then I installed the latest version again. But it is precisely newer version that gives this bug. The camera does not care for recording, even with the camera being detected by the system (logitech). I already touched all the settings and did the same procedure that I did in previous versions. Several videos that I made worked well. But this new version has this camera bug.

Thanks for your information. That’s is bug in the latest version (8.0.7) with some webcam types. Have you tried with the temporary version that I shared above?

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I tried to install this temporary version v8.0.7.23932_setup.exe. However, WIndows 10 blocked it with a message the read: "exe was blocked becasue it could harm your device.

I did not try the temporary version becasue Windows 10 blocked it. However, I did go back and installed the older 7.5 version and in that version I can activate the external Webcam. So it appears to work in version 7.5, but not in the latest version. When this is fixed in the new version I will be happy to upgrade. I am in education and look forward to purchase the Pro version when these issues are ironed out. The software seems to be perfect for what I need.

Yes. I’ve tried with this version that you suggested. And appeared the same problem. I can’t active the webcam. :disappointed_relieved:

Estou com o mesmo problema a versão 8.0.7 não está suportando minha webcam , estou muito triste pois antes o programa funcionava uma beleza e agora meus trabalhos estão parados.
Vou ter que acabar usando outro aplicativo !

Hi everyone,

We are fixing for the issue. In the meantime, you can use the version 8.0.6 at our website: to overcome the problem.

We are sorry for this inconvenience.



Pois é. Eu estava adorando o Active presenter e estava gravando várias aulas para os meus alunos. Como está com esse bug da webcam estou usando outro aplicativo.

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Obrigado pelo atendimento e por enviar o link do ACTIVE 8.0.6 este está com a funcionalidade da câmera ok !
OBS : Uso meu celular como webcam !

Espero que possam ajeitar a nova atualização para que possamos usar o programa sempre !!!

Muito agradecido !