Wave form very low

Hi there.
I recorded the screen and my voice to create a tutorial. I used a headset or, before that, the microphone of the computer. Before each recording I calibrated the mic. It seemed to be fine.
When I play the video I can hear the voice, the volume is ok. But editing the video the wave form is so low it is hard to find a pause or anything which relates to that audio.
Is there a way to increase the height of the wave form? Increasing the height of the timeline audio bar (to big) doesn’t help because the wave form keeps very low.

ActivePresenter Version: 8.0.6

OS: Windows 10.


Hi Falk,

Unfortunately, the current version of ActivePresenter doesn’t support this feature. It maybe the volume of recorded audio is too low. Can you please check if it is possible to hear the audio when setting the system volume around 10 - 20? If not, please consider to increase the volume of the audio.