Wait for onclick before each animation

I have a slide with multiple animations. I want the same behaviour that the next animation is triggered on click - like it is the standard behaviour in PPT.
However, in ActivePresenter, the animation always advances with the timeline.
Is there a way to get the PPT standard behaviour instead, i.e. waiting for a click before each animation?


In fact, we already have this feature in our TODO list.
We’ll try to implement in future releases.

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Any roadmap for this feature? This is currently holding me back from making a purchase. The ability to provide interactive slide animations that can be initiated by a click event is crucial.


Thanks for your interest in our product!
This feature has been scheduled in the next release (8.5 version) which may available after 6 months later.

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In fact, you can use interactive timelines and Mouse Click object to do it with ActivePresenter version 7 or 8.
Please see this sample: Click to animate.approj (232 KB)

For more information about interactive timelines, please see this tutorial: