Volume in the first slide is 0%

I am doing a presentation where the first slide has a gesture effect, along with sound. The problem is the audio is not audible, since the volume bar is off (no volume at all in the first slide). As soon as I change to the second slide the volume is 100% (exactly what I need in the first one too). Where can I set the volume for the whole presentation?

ActivePresenter version: 8.5.4

OS: Win11


This video shows the problem in detail. Untitled - YouTube


Most browsers don’t allow playing unmuted audio/video without user interaction first. So it’s not possible to set ON by default.

For more information about this policy of browsers, you can read at Autoplay policy in Chrome - Chrome Developers

The best practice to overcome this issue is to insert a button on the first slide. The user must click on that button to start the course.

You can clear Disable [Click or Tap to Unmute] Notification check box on Export to HTML5 dialog to remove the message.


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