Voice over on active presenter tutorials

Hello i would llike to know what is the voice you’re using on the active presenter videos of your tutorials.
like this voice : How to Create Drag-n-Drop Questions in ActivePresenter 8

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Hi there,

We used Matthew voice from Amazon Polly for ActivePresenter 8 video tutorials.

The below article will give you useful information to get more Text-to-speech voices from the third parties in the current version of ActivePresenter, I believe.
So please take a closer look at it.

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thanks, that’s perfect.

Hello. Thank you for this guide. I was able to add 4 voices from Amazon Polly but I discovered I cannot adjust their speed and volume as the sliders are not active. What would I do?

Hi Alberto,

We’ll try to enable these features in the future updates.

At this time, you can try using SSML tags from Amazon Polly to change the speaking volume and rate.
Please refer to the Controlling Volume, Speaking Rate, and Pitch section on this page for more details:

Besides, you can adjust the volume after generating voice by using the Adjust Volume feature in ActivePresenter:
This article with a video tutorial will show you how:

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