View Timeline window after unplugging external monitor

I am using ActivePresenter on my laptot with external monitor. I have the timeline window detached from the main window and placed on the external monitor. When I unplug the monitor and want to use ActivePresenter on my laptop only, I can’t see the timeline and don’t know how to relocate the timeline window. The program thinks it’s still on the external monitor even though it’s unplugged.

Any ideas how can I relocate the timeline?

I know I can be cautious and when I want to unplug the monitor I will slide the timeline window back on the main screen, but I forget about that quite often :slight_smile:

You can reset the window layout by opening the Preferences dialog and look for the “Reset Window Layout” button on the General tab and click Reset, close ActivePresenter and start it again.


Thanks, that solved it! :wink: