Videos hosted slow and crashing on mobile phones

Hello Team Atomi!

He has been evaluating version 7.5.2 (following support guidelines) to use with in my video lesson materials. But over 70% of my users surf the cell phone. The videos take a long time to crack and often crash. I was advised to use a streaming service (VOD) to host my Active-based lesson materials that have built-in video. But how do I do this? How do I change the path of the videos and their names to a specific url? If I shot the resources folder or changed the name, my project stops working. I need my videos within the projects to run 100% ok on mobiles! Help me!

ActivePresenter Version: 7.5.2

OS: Windows



Can you please tell in more details about the crashing/cracking issue?

You can upload video to YouTube or to other host and use YouTube Object or Web Object to refer to original video. However, please note that ActivePresenter can not synchornize the content and video in this case so you may have to design the content differently (ex, user need to click a button to play video).


Hi Dao!
I’ve tried this and it’s all out of sync. Actually, I need to change the path of the videos to the streaming server I’m hiring. How do I do that? Thanks for advance!


Please try the following trick:

  • Select ActivePresenter > Project > Properties.
  • In the Event tab, add the following code (you need to update your url in this code):
if (!prez._initCustomResource) {
    prez._initCustomResource = true;
    var oldGetResource = prez.getResource;
    prez.getResource = function(name) {
        if (name.endsWith(".mp4") || name.endsWith(".webm"))
            return "http://your_host/" + this.fileNamePrefix + 'res_' + name;
        return, name);


I’ll test and return with the result! Thanks Dao!!!

Hi Dao!

So Dao,
I did some testing but it looks like something in html5 does not let the video render quickly. I need a better mobile performance (where most users are concentrated) and attend my online course module.

Attached is a file with an example (empty file) and a file wirh video hosted in a test domain. Please, see how slow it is on your mobile …


File:streaming_empty.approj (344 KB)

Help me Dao! Thanks!!!

Did you mean the video doesn’t appear immediately when starting the lesson? If so, you can put an image (maybe an image extracted from video frames) at the beginning of slide to overcome the issue. Or, you can also set a Background Image for the slide to do that.


Hi Dao!

I already inserted a thumbs and a button for the play. In most cases I’ll need the video to run automatically (like Youtube) The point is that: any video hangs, gets slow, does not play normally on the phone. I already tested it on Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc. They just do not perform, like the example I sent you.

Thanks for advance!

If you stream the video directly to the mobile device, does it playback without issues?

Directly not, because it has to be inside an Active project that has interaction buttons among other things, as in the example attached … the videos take a long time to load.


ActivePresenter requires more buffering data for synchronization with other content so it will take longer time and is not comparable with independent video playback. Because of synchronization contrain, it is difficult to resolve the problem soon. We will try to improve this in the future release.


I understood Dao,
I look forward to a new release enabling the videos to run better on mobile phones, as nowadays, 90% of users browse and watch videos on mobile platforms, including my students. I have really enjoyed Active for Education!
Hugs and success!

Yes mack… I tested on several platforms

Hello Dao! Hello Team!
Well, I asked a question of slowness in playing the videos
Today, in 2020, I am testing trial version 7.5.12 to see if there have been any changes under the guidance of Toan On December 23, 2018 and it did not help.

You are guided to insert videos of my classes SEPARATELY and a streaming server to get better performance and link them to my Active Presenter file.
how do I change the path of the video files when I leave my presentation?
Please, I really need this!diagrama_suporte

Hi Alexandre,

Unfortunately, we can not make any improvement since there is no changes in video playback of browsers. This largely depends on user’s network connection speed and browser that they use than the way we host the content.