Video playback in iOS

Problem: I can no longer play videos inline on iOS devices–both on chrome and safari. It used to work before the iOS update, now it does not.

Saola Animate version: 2.7.0

OS: iOS 12.4.1 (latest as of late August 2019)

Notes: The second panel in this page is supposed to play the timeline (which plays the video) on mouseup.

Try it on non-iOS, and it will work properly. On iOS, it ignores the click. If you hold down, it opens a new window with Apple’s full-screen video player that plays the video. Thanks, Apple. I hate it.

Works fine on my ipad running 12.4.1

It seems that the issue only occurs on iPhone, not iPad.
Please send your project package (File > Save As > Package) to our support email at so that we can check.


Hi Terrana,

You need to add playsinline attribute for your videos to make your animation work normally on iPhones running iOS 12.4.1. You can do this by adding Run JavaScript action to Scene Activate event with the following code:

function onSceneActivated(doc, e) {
  doc.getElement('ch4_p112_pl2_1').mediaDom.setAttribute('playsinline', '');
  doc.getElement('ch4_p112_pl3_1').mediaDom.setAttribute('playsinline', '');

We’ll set playsinline automatically in future updates.

In addition, preview frames of your videos may not show on iPhones. You should capture the first frame of each video, and insert it as an poster image below each video.


Thank you! I have added the javascript and the poster images. The video plays inline, but it does not play when I tap on iPhone. I have to long tap to get it to play. I will send the new package to the support email.

Hi Terrana,

We can play the video in your new project with a sing tap on our iPhones.
But the video usually doesn’t play smoothly on the first tap due to slow media loading on iPhones.
It’s iOS problem, we can’t do anything with it, unfortunately.