Video export with reddish tone


First of all, great work for this program, looks and is excelent. Thank you. I am have it installed for a couple of years.

Going to the subject, i have seen this post and seems a similar situation.

Beforehand i used and even width x height for the project. Actually i have the same result in the original project and the new project that has 928x522 width/height (with the new project i tried to crop the video’s width&height by creating a project with the desired dimensions).

When exporting video, i tried every format, including .mkv with the same result, reddish tone compared with the video captured in my project.

You can see a screencapture here.

What can i do to resolve this issue?

Thank you very much ladies and gentlemens :slight_smile:

Tried to test videos exported from Active Presenter before having this issue and, to my surprise, they now have the same reddish tone :sweat:
Opened with VLC and renders normal colours with ALL videos exported with Active Presenter.

Now, ofcourse, all my videos opened with PotPlayer has reddish tone.

Conclusion, Active Presenter works perfect, my player went bannanas :smile:

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