Video download option


I’ve included some videos but I don’t want the option to download them. How can I remove the download icon?


Hi Cecilia,

Did you mention the HTML5 output? If so, please let me know the name and the version of the browser.


Yes, I mean the published project.
the icon is visible in Chrome, Version 64.0.3282.167, and also last version of Opera.


Hi Cecilia,

Please follow below steps as a workaround:

  • Select the slide that contains the video.
  • In the Properties pane, select the Interactivity tab.
  • In the Events - Actions section, select the first line (which shows the slide name), then add On Load event.
  • Add an Execute Java Script action into the On Load event and add the below code to the action:

$('video').attr('controlsList', 'nodownload');

We will improve this function in the future releases.