Video Crop & Zoom

I would love it even more if there was ability to zoom and crop a workspace and video from all four sides. Right now you can only zoom from the corners and can’t get the exact workspace zoom needed. Adding this feature would be a great help.


Hi Rich,

Could you please describe your request further when say you want to zoom and crop a workspace and video from all four sides?

Currently, the Zoom-n-Pan feature of ActivePresenter 8 does allow you to flexibly zoom in on a particular part of the screen, not the corners only.
You can change the size of the zoom effect and drag it to any position you want.

Regarding the cropping video feature, it will be added in our upcoming version, ActivePresenter 9.
So please stay tuned and keep updated for our latest news about the release.

Quynh Anh

The current crop feature only works on the corners, so the aspect ratio stays the same.
For example a 16x9 video stays in 16x9 format. In my other recording programs, I can change it to 9x9 if I wanted to, or any size crop in all directions. In other words, there are only 4 crop handles that scale in 2 directions, while my other programs have 8 that scale in every direction.

So if I have a video and I only want my image in the video it can’t be done right not. I can only zoom the rectangular original video. I hope you understand this.


Hi again Rich.

I have understood your idea.

Currently, to achieve what you expect, you can insert a spotlight effect with color and transparency as you wish.
Then, drag the spot effect to the area that you need to crop and zoom.
When zooming, you will show the spotlight effect at the same time or after zooming.

Please take a look at the tutorial below for more information about the spotlight effect.

Best regards,
Quynh Anh

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Yeah, the spotlight is not want I was looking for. I do software presentations with a video overlay of my webcam and me in the bottom right corner. Call it picture-in-picture?

The video of me is in a 16x9 format and can only be scaled in that format from the corners. I was looking to scale it from the sides to reduce the width of the video and eliminate the background on both sides, leaving only me in the video.

Thanks for your time!